Dollar Prepaid Visa

Dollar Prepaid Visa

 $ Prepaid Visa - safe and convenient to use anywhere you will be

Forget withdrawing cash before a vacation and fear of cash you left behind in a hotel room. With Prepaid Visa, your vacation will be far more convenient and simpler. The prepaid card is safe to use, and can be reloaded multiple times while being honored anywhere in the world, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Safer than cash, more attractive than credit

Can be used to pay in businesses and for easy and simple cash withdrawals

Safe and convenient to use anywhere that honors Visa.

Allows you to predetermine the designated budget – the amount that is loaded is the amount that you spend

Long-term validity – up to 4 years!

Online tracking of transactions and balances

To purchase a ticket online

Now at Israel Post – first loading free of charge and additional reloading that are waiting just for you

*Purchase and loading of the card is carried out in cash NIS and in foreign currency as well as credit cards (only for loading of foreign currency).

How to reveal your pin code

If you forgot your pin code, no problem. Enter our website or our app in a click according to the following instructions or by voice mail number 073-2633555 and follow the options.

Here is how to reveal your code through the card app:

Card app: Enter with user name and password > chose on the menu > Pin code > reveal your pin code > Enter password and answer confirmation question > view pin code.

Website: Enter with user name and password > chose manage card in the menu on the left > choose Pin code > Enter password > Mark 'I'm not a robot' > view pin code.


The money in your card is safe, you will have peace of mind when traveling abroad!

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Paying with visa card is very convenient

You can add your visa card to 'Google wallet' and pay easily and convenient way directly from your mobile phone.

To download the app, click here.

To purchase the card Online click here.


Can be used to make payments in businesses, for cash withdrawals and to reload



Purchase of a card (total of NIS 45) includes first loading free of charge and additional benefits



Purchase and reloading at all Post Office branches across the country

Control of expenses


You set the amount to be reloaded so that you waste only what you planned on spending.

Card purchase and relaoding details


Card purchase and reloading by cash in NIS and foreign currency as well as credit cards